How to keep your home clean during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ahhh.. home sweet home. Your home is your safe haven, your sanctuary, a place where you can kick back and relax, and watch the world go by. You want your home to be somewhere where you don’t have to worry about unwanted pests inhibiting your space, whether that be microbes, bacteria, mold or viruses.

Over the past few months, the infamous covid-19 (or coronavirus) has become a popular household name. Our daily routines have been turned upside down, and we have had to adapt to ‘the new norm’, both at home and at our workplaces, all because of this destructive virus. Everybody has been taking additional measures to protect their homes and daily environments from the potential of this virus inhibiting your space and your personal life. But how are we sure that we’re doing all that we can to protect ourselves?

We have gathered a few tips and advice to guide us on how best to prevent the spread of coronavirus in homes.

Thoroughly Clean your Home

Think about it.. When was the last time you well and truly did a deep clean of your home? We’re not talking about dusting off your shelves and hoovering here. We’re referring to a thorough clean, where not even a single microbe is present.

Cleaning is an absolute necessity with covid-19 spreading through our communities, and we need to take this extremely seriously. We need to protect both ourselves and our families with all of our efforts to prevent this disease from entering our homes. Whether you have a one-bedroom flat, a studio apartment, or a 5-bedroom home with an extension – you best believe that covid-19 will find and cling to wherever it can within your safe-haven. This is why thoroughly cleaning your home regularly is SO important.

Choose Effective Cleaning Solutions

The internet can be a minefield of fake news and ineffective remedies for covid-19. We have seen many suggestions and recommendations on how to kill the virus which have not been approved by health professionals. Always choose an effective cleaning agent which has been proven to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Rinse and Repeat

You’ve heard the most recent advice from the government; ‘wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds’ and this will help kill potential coronavirus germs. The best way to keep your mind at ease? Turn your cleaning routine into a habit. Whether your aim is for a deep clean every week, or twice a month with regular cleans in-between. Turning your cleaning routine into a habit will leave your mind at ease that you’re doing everything possible to keep your home safe.

Preventing Contamination in the Future

What about preventing surface contamination from occurring in the first place? Nanotechnology-made products have gained fame over the years within household cleaning. The technology used to make these products is what makes them different from your average / everyday cleaning products. Antimicrobial coatings are a product of nanotechnology, and they not only prevent contamination from bacteria (which is what your standard ‘antibacterial’ cleaning products protect from – read more about the difference between antimicrobial and antibacterial here), but they also prevent contamination from viruses, fungi and microbes.

NanoGuard X is the perfect solution for this. The liquid glass barrier protects against bacteria and virus contamination, as well as micro-scratches and dirt! It gives 12 months of permanent protection, with an advanced antimicrobial nano coating that is made from non toxic ingredients.

Protect ALL surfaces

Don’t ever assume that a particular surface may / may not be contaminated. It is always best to be safe than sorry. You should thoroughly clean all surfaces of your home, which not only includes the obvious ‘flat’ surfaces, but also your door handles, light switches, remote controls, fridge doors, doorbells, ledges – everywhere that you touch!

Here is our checklist of household surfaces that we recommend coating with NanoGuard – however, feel free to make your own list!:

Door Handles
Light Switches
Cupboard Handles
Stairs Bannister
House Phone
Mobile Phones
Tablets & Other Devices
Smart Tech (thermostat)
Toilet Flush
Toilet Seat
Taps (bathroom & kitchen)
Remote Controls
Coffee Table
Doorbells / Buzzers
Letterbox / Postbox
Keys (House Keys, Car Keys)
Locks (bathroom, garage)
Window handles
Blind Cords
Oven Handles
Oven / Hob Control Buttons
Microwave Buttons
Kettle Handle

Although these are surfaces that we recommend, please do not limit yourself to just these surfaces alone! NanoGuard X can be used on any water-resistant surface with a simple wipe on application, so go grab yours today and protect your home!