Halloween With Now Coatings

With the spooky season creeping up on us, we want to be prepared for all tricks and treats. Surprise your customers with a treat and blitz your building with our 90 day antimicrobial cleaning products, along with our NanoGuardX 12 month protective coating, both serving complete protection.

These antimicrobial coatings are the perfect protection coverage for all types of services, with NanoGuardX offering 12 months protection even when exposed to water and continuous cleaning. Our 90 day coating is a similar cleaning solution, that provides 90 days of antimicrobial coverage.

With Halloween not being as special this year, why don’t you make the most of the spooky season and spice up your cleaning routine by adding one of our coatings in to the process, this will also improve your customers reassurance by showing them that you are doing everything you can to ensure that they feel as safe as possible in your building!

These solutions will protect you from viruses, bacteria and even fungi! Top up your surfaces every 12 months to ensure complete consistent protection. This will be the perfect treat to surprise people with this Halloween and will guarantee to protect yourself and others.

Antimicrobial Coating Spray with 90 day antimicrobial protection
NanoGuardX Antimicrobial Coating Spray with 12 months anticirus and antibacterial protection