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12 month protective coating, best suited for personal uses & smaller commercial premises

Antimicrobial Surface Protection icon for home page

12 month protective coating, best suited for personal uses & smaller commercial premises

NanoGuardX Antimicrobial Coating

NanoGuardX Creates a liquid glass barrier protecting against bacteria and virus contamination, As well as micro-scratches and dirt!

Are you looking for a long term solution that protects from viruses, bacteria, fungi and microbes? Look no further! NanoGuardX is an Antimicrobial surface coating with 12 months protection from just one single application! NanoGuardX’s spray coating solution can be used in the home, schools, care homes, the hospitality industry, leisure centres and much more.

NanoGuardX Antimicrobial Surface Coating - Surface Guard
NanoGuardX Antimicrobial Surface Coating - Surface Prep
NanoGuardX Antimicrobial Surface Coating
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Antimicrobial Applications

NanoGuardX’s Antimicrobial Surface Coating has been proven to give a physical, non-mutating 99.9% kill (known as full kill). Below is a list of some of the recommended applications (although the list of applications are not limited to the below):

NanoGuardX Antimicrobial Coating for door handles
NanoGuardX Antimicrobial Coating for toilet seats
NanoGuardX Antimicrobial Coating for light switches
NanoGuardX Antimicrobial touch screen Coating solution for touch screens
Antimicrobial touch screen protection
antimicrobial spray for computers and laptops
antimicrobial surface coating for freezers and fridges in supermarkets
antimicrobial surface coating for escalators and lifts in supermarkets and shopping centres
antimicrobial surface coating for supermarkets trolley handles
antimicrobial coating for public transport
antimicrobial coating for lifts and elevators
antimicrobial coating for sports equipment in gyms and at home
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Product Info

NanoGuardX can be used on any water-resistant surface with a simple wipe on application! By formulating an ultra thin layer of glass NanoGuard X protects against micro-scratches. Under mechanical abrasion, the protective layer is abraded before the substrate is damaged. A unique glide function, ensures that with any abrasive contact, materials glide over the treated surface and leave fewer traces. Protected surfaces take-on a measurably higher degree of hardness {Equivalent of 3 level pencil hardness}.

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Repels Mites

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Free From Halogens

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Prevents Odours

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Dermatologically Tested

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